A downloadable game for Windows

Bull in a Gun Fight is a game about pairing two random objects against each other and seeing which one wins in a fight.

Our team:

  • whizzer "whizzer0" zero, designer, director and backend coder
  • Darien "xterminareret" Sokolov, frontend coder and original comic picker
  • Tay "Thaios48" Savidis, artist and animator responsible for an upcoming epic battle
  • Ethan "Lost Phases" Duys, musician extraordinaire and object suggester
  • Plus a little help from Terzalo, except he hasn't really done anything

Listen to the original soundtrack by Ethan Duys:

Check out how the game's art was drawn by Tay Savidis:

See what the game was based on - this comic by Randall Munroe:

Watch other people playing our game so you don't have to:

Install instructions

To run the game, extract the zip and launch graphical.exe. 


Source code
Version 1.1.2 81 MB

Development log


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